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Your Family’s Digital Backup Plan

Your Family’s Digital Backup Plan

Creating a backup plan for your family is actually not that hard. I’ve simplified it to a few steps that can be accomplished by apps, cloud storage, and external hard drives. I’ll focus on my plan and you can adjust to your needs.

You will need:

  • An external hard drive, you can pick one up for about $100
  • A subscription to any cloud storage service. I use OneDrive because it is included in my Office 365 subscription but DropBox, Google Drive, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive, Apple Cloud, etc… will all work as well. Make sure to pick one with a good phone app as this makes step 2 a lot easier.

1. Figure out what needs backing up

Phones, laptops, and cameras will require ongoing backups. Upload all your files to the cloud. I have previously uploaded our 250 GB of digitalized home videos and family childhood pictures to OneDrive.

2. Get it all into one manageable place

Most cloud storage providers will have a free app that automatically uploads pictures and videos to your cloud storage from your phone. They will also provide a Desktop application that can sync your important folders and files. I upload the images from our camera straight to OneDrive and keep a local copy until step 3.

3. Create some redundancy

Make a calendar reminder recurring every 6 or 12 months to make a copy of everything on your OneDrive onto your external hard drive. I might also make a full backup copy anytime I add a large number of files in a short amount of time. Keep your hard drive in a safe place.

The end result

The end result is a flow of files from all your devices to one centralized place and recurring physical backups. You gain all the convenience of having it all in the cloud and the peace of mind in knowing you still have a physical copy.

Let me know how you tweak this for your family…