BackWPup s3 bucket does not exist after selecting it

This error is not very clear since BackWPup let’s you select your desired bucket from the list. If the bucket is already selected, how can it not exist? Anyways, I fixed this by switching the region from US-West-Oregon to US-Standard. [INFO] BackWPup 3.3.6; A project of Inpsyde GmbH [INFO] WordPress 4.7.2 on [INFO] Log Level: […]

Automating WordPress updates with cron and the wp-cli

Ain’t nobody got time to worry about updates. I’d rather have it break while updating than have it hacked by a script kiddie because I’ve neglected to login for a while. We will see if this ever breaks anything. Install WordPress-CLI if you have not already. Add all your sites to the script: #!/bin/bash declare -a […]

Angular JS persisting data across controller instances

Where do we want to store our data in Angular JS and how does it flow through your web/mobile app. This is especially important if you are using Angular JS in the mobile context. Recently I’ve been working on some Ionic Framework apps. Here is my example. The user leaves the page then navigates back. […]

Angular JS reusable controller functions

So this problem initially started when I found myself repeating similar functions across controllers. I also wanted to be able to access these functions from the view, which is why they are attached to the $scope. Notice both controllers contain the same function. I suppose we could attach this function to the $rootScope but that sounds […]