RuboCop and the 80 character line length limit is absurd

Having a line length limit is absurd. Just change your wrap setting in vim! IMO this gives you best of both worlds you can have everything on the screen when you need it or off when you don’t. Also, it’s easier to read indentation and syntax on one liner code snippets. When the code flows […]

Elastic search order by date and indexing with Ruby-on-Rails

The elastic search date field type seems like a lot of work. You have to manually map each date field parameter. All I really wanted to do was order by date, and this doesn’t necessarily rule out more complicated date range filtering. You just have to convert everything to Epoch millisecond time. Sometimes it just seems […]

Rails 4.2 and Elastic Search – Querying and Filtering Across Multiple Nested Models

At work recently I have been working on a new filtering and search page for ourselves. The requirements were searching and filtering said search results. Things get complicated and performance tends to suffer when dealing with complicated and far reaching relationships. You end joining every table in the database and even then you are only […]